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Smart Meter Privacy & Security Issues and Legislative Actions (updated 3/1/16)



Intel Chief: ‘We Might Use Smart-Home Devices to Spy On You’ -WND

Smart Grid Powers Up Privacy Worries- Politico

Why Smart People Are Suspicious of Smart Meters – Forbes

Who’s Watching? Privacy Concerns Persist as Smart Meters Roll Out

Smart meters raise questions of third-party privacy issues – Houston Chronicle

Utilities ‘Very Excited’ about Mining Smart Meter Data and Invading Your Privacy

Your Outlet Knows: How Smart Meters Can Reveal Behavior at Home, What We Watch on TV

Is Your Smart Meter Spying On You? Washington’s Blog

Now utilities can tell customers how much energy each appliance uses (just from the smart meter data) – SmartGridNews

US Intelligence Chief: We might Use the Internet of Things to Spy on You- The Guardian

Living in a Glass House: Privacy Implications of Smart Meter Data | Bass Connections in Energy

Are smart meters a privacy risk? – SmartPlanet

Smart Meters and the Fourth Amendment

Privacy Implications of Smart Meters

Smart meter opponents raise concerns over health, security, privacy- The Boston Globe

Privacy and Health Concerns on “Smart Meters” Growing Globally

How Smart Meters Invade Individual Privacy | Smart Grids, Smart Meters, Radiofrequency (RF) Emissions, and Sustainability

A Perspective on How Smart Meters Invade Individual Privacy

‘Smart’ Meters are ‘Guilt Meters’ and an Example of a ‘Fraudulent, Bogus Innovation’

Your Smart Home Knows Way Too Much About You

Smart Meters: Energy In, Privacy Out- The Daily Caller



How Dangerous and Expensive Became “Smart” An Exposé of the “Smart Grid”

440 million new hackable smart grid points | Computerworld Blogs

Utilities rank highest for risk of data breaches

NSA Chief: Damaging Cyber-Attack Coming

Turkey’s 10-Hour Blackout Shows Threat to World Power Grids

Smart Meters Are Not Secured

Who controls the off switch?

Is Your Smart Meter Compromising Your Home Security?

Smart Meter Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity

Smart Meters Not Necessary to Modernize the Electric Grid Says a Major U.S. Utility

Smart Meters- Take them or Else…

Congressional Testimony: ‘Smart’ meters have a life of 5 to 7 years.

Do Not Trust ‘Smart’ Meters or the Utilities

Is America completely unprepared for a power grid cyberattack?

GAO: Hacking ‘smart’ meters can disrupt the electricity grid and FERC not monitoring compliance with ‘voluntary’ standards

The Role of Consumer Watchdog Groups in Protecting Consumers from Abusive ‘Smart’ Meters

National Smart Grid vulnerable to cyber attack, says expert

Smart Meters: ‘Easy Targets’ for Hackers and ‘Malicious Network Traffic’ within the Electric Grid, Reveals Latest Research Study


Legislative Actions

Amid Health, Privacy Fears, States Are Letting People Reject ‘Smart Meters’- The Pew Charitable Trust

Missouri Utility Customer Protection Bill Introduced by Representative Tim Remole




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